Cannot forward traffic over wlan0 with bhyve

Fehmi Noyan ISI fnoyanisi at
Thu May 19 20:53:09 UTC 2016

Hi there,

As I mentioned in this forum post [1], I am having issues with getting my FreeBSD-CURRENT VM connected to the Internet via wlan0 interface.

I created tap0 and bridge0 interfaces, and edited configuration files to keep changes permanent as suggested by the handbook [2].

I also set the pf rules to enable NAT between tap0 and wlan0 interfaces as described here [3].

When I monitor tap0 and wlan0 interfaces with tcpdump while running "dhclient vtnet0" in the guest OS, I noticed that tap0 forwards packets to wlan0 and wlan0 recevies them (some tcpdump output is in [1]). But nothing happens after this...

I also noticed that the pf fails to start with the ruleset given in [3], and having paranhtesis around (bridge0:network) solves the issue, so I filed a bug report for this [4].

I need assistance with my VM internet access and will appreciate you guidance on the matter.

Thanks in advance


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