Cannot forward traffic over wlan0 with bhyve

Bernd Walter ticso at
Tue Jun 14 06:18:09 UTC 2016

On Thu, May 19, 2016 at 08:50:15PM +0000, Fehmi Noyan ISI via freebsd-virtualization wrote:
> Hi there,
> As I mentioned in this forum post [1], I am having issues with getting my FreeBSD-CURRENT VM connected to the Internet via wlan0 interface.
> I created tap0 and bridge0 interfaces, and edited configuration files to keep changes permanent as suggested by the handbook [2].
> I also set the pf rules to enable NAT between tap0 and wlan0 interfaces as described here [3].
> When I monitor tap0 and wlan0 interfaces with tcpdump while running "dhclient vtnet0" in the guest OS, I noticed that tap0 forwards packets to wlan0 and wlan0 recevies them (some tcpdump output is in [1]). But nothing happens after this...
> I also noticed that the pf fails to start with the ruleset given in [3], and having paranhtesis around (bridge0:network) solves the issue, so I filed a bug report for this [4].
> I need assistance with my VM internet access and will appreciate you guidance on the matter.

It's been a few weeks old, but still unanswered.
The problem is that as a wifi client only a single MAC address is
registered with the AP.
The systems behind the bridge have their own MAC addresses, which
the AP doesn't know.
You either need to setup your wifi with mesh support, run the
bridge on the AP instead of the client side, or run dirty tricks
with proxy ARP.
The best option would be to avoid bridging from wifi completely and
route a different net to your vm host or use a cable.

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