bhyve graphics support

Peter Grehan grehan at
Sun Jun 5 18:33:23 UTC 2016

Hi Yamagi,

>>   XHCI isn't in Windows7 so you can just remove that config line,
>> pushing mouse input through the PS2 mouse.
> That was a little bit strange, it seemed like the emulated ps/2 devices
> just wouldn't work on a Win 7 VM. The "atkbd data buffer full" may be
> an indication for not delivered interrupts or something like that.
> After I've rebooted the host things suddenly started to work. Maybe
> some kind of system inconsistency. It was some 11-CURRENT with about 4
> weeks uptime.

  Was the VM destroyed between invocations ? If not, then it's probably 
a bug in bhyve with not resetting h/w state correctly.

> It may be a good idea to add a note to the Windows installation guide
> at
> that Window 7 requieres AHCI disks with a blocksize if 512 bytes.
> Otherwise the installation will fail with "Windows Setup could not
> configure Windows on this computer?s hardware" and Windows Update will
> bail out with error 0xc8000247.

  Done, and will also update the wiki with the error.



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