Docker on FreeBSD

Sergey Zakharchenko at
Fri Jan 29 06:51:45 UTC 2016

Hello Ryan,

2016-01-21 23:15 GMT+03:00 Ryan Holt <ryan at>:
> Finished building a FreeBSD Head system today with the intent of using Docker.

My condolences.

> Is there a workaround to getting DNS inside of a container aside from manually building each image?

The basic reason is no volume support in FreeBSD Docker port. The
workaround is one of:

- hacking the Docker port yourself, is *a bit* incomplete and stale;
- building a custom complicated and evil system around Docker that
works around its design deficiencies and FreeBSD port incompleteness;
- using Docker for building images only, and running them using
vanilla jails + a custom complicated and evil system;
- using jetpack instead and exposing yourself to a whole different set
of problems ;)

It's doable, but it is not for the faint of heart. I could share some
improvements for the Docker port but kvasdopil@ seems too reluctant to
make even the simplest changes (e.g. working around :) ),
#freebsd-docker is also rather apathetic and there's no way I'm going
to hack on Go (yuck) alone and then just give it away (I'm in the
'custom complicated and evil system' camp).

Best regards,


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