Gerd Hafenbrack gerd.hafenbrack at
Thu Feb 4 17:00:43 UTC 2016

On 2016-02-04 13:21, Roger Pau Monné wrote:
> El 4/2/16 a les 11:59, Gerd Hafenbrack ha escrit:
>> Hello,
>> I read on the following:
>>> ... to run a FreeBSD PVH Dom0 an Intel box with EPT and a working IOMMU is required.
>> Why only intel and not an AMD CPU with Rapid Virtualization Indexing
>> (RVI) and IOMMU as well?
> There's no technical reason on why this was done this way. It's just
> that the original PVH implementation inside of Xen was badly designed,
> and one of the results is the lack of support on AMD hardware. This is
> not related to FreeBSD at all, Linux has the same exact problem.
> I'm (together with other people) currently working on removing this (and
> other) stupid limitation by doing a proper implementation of PVH inside
> of Xen. This new implementation is ATM called HVMlite. Sadly I can not
> yet provide an ETA on when this is going to be finished. Once HVMlite is
> finished inside of Xen FreeBSD will hopefully be able to run on AMD
> hardware just like it does on Intel one. I will do a HEADS UP once this
> is in testing state.
> Roger.


I have to use an AMD box.

In the meantime:
bhyve? Already mature enough?

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