bhyve with Linuxes as guests - shared filesystem

Luis P. Mendes luislupe at
Thu Apr 7 22:28:37 UTC 2016


In a FreeBSD host, I'm running a Slackware Linux guest.  I'd like to
share a `zfs` filesystem between those two OSes and with one other
Ubuntu Linux system to be installed.  There are three options that I
can think of:

1. Have a `virtio-blk` option to `bhyve` and loading `zfs` modules for
the Linux OSes.
2. Share the filesystem through `nfs`
3. Share it through `samba`

For `1.`, the disadvantages I see are:
a. `zfs` would have to run in the two Linux OSes in user mode.
b. it would consume much RAM to have three `zfs` managers running at
the same time.

For `2.`, I don't see any disadvantage.
Regarding `3.`, as I don't use Windows, it doesn't seem to offer any
advantage over `2.`.

Hence my question:  regarding the experience many of you have with
shared file systems between FreeBSD and Linux systems, what do you
have to say about reliability (locks, ...) and performance(1) of the
options presented, or even of other ones.


PS (1). I know I should do performance tests myself but would like to
hear from your experience.

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