Windows support in bhyve

Peter Grehan grehan at
Sun Oct 4 20:11:53 UTC 2015

As of r288524, bhyve has preliminary support to run Windows in headless 
mode using UEFI firmware.

Since it's headless, the install process consists of modifying the 
Windows install ISO to include an 'unattend' XML script that automates 
the install, and also inserting the virtio network driver currently 
required by bhyve.

This has been tested with 64-bit Windows Server 2k12r2 and 2k16 tp3, and 
Windows 10. The server versions are recommended since they have serial 
console support, whereas the desktop install is a black-screen experience.

ISO repack instructions at:

Install/run instructions at:

Please give this a try and report back on how it goes.

  A big thanks to Leon Dang from Nahanni Systems who contributed the 
majority of Windows support; Tycho Nightingale from Pluribus Networks 
who did the intial UEFI work, and Ben Perrault who helped out enormously 
with test and debug.



(Win 7/8 and 2k8r2 have some problems that appeared in the final merge 
of this work - it's being looked into).

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