Illumos support in bhyve

Nicolas Gilles nicolas.gilles at
Sat Nov 7 21:38:06 UTC 2015

SmartOS is built to work that way, booting from an "static" ISO or USB
or PXE, and just using the hard-drives in the system as store for the
zones + vms, the os "drives" is loaded into memory.

In a VM, it's not going to change you much to boot form a virtual DVD
drive vs virtual HD install, what troubles you booting from the ISO?

On Fri, Nov 6, 2015 at 4:33 PM, Roman Bogorodskiy <novel at> wrote:
>   grehan at wrote:
>> Hi Roman,
>> > I tried this instruction and I was able to get into smartos
>> > installation. I choose all the default options there, it reported
>> > successful installation. Then I dropped 'ahci-cd' part, but I cannot
>> > get
>> > smartos boot.
>>   For smartos, the CD should always be left there since that's the boot
>> media. The first boot just detects that the hard drive is empty which
>> triggers the install.
> Ah, I see. It works now, thanks!
>> > And, by the way, is it possible to run FreeBSD using UEFI?
>> >
>> > I encountered problems with that as well:
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> > Any hints how to debug this are appreciated.
>>   The VM images don't include the UEFI loader. You'll have to boot from
>> the ISO for that, and force serial console output at the loader prompt.
> Is it possible to prepare an image that would not require booting from
> the ISO?
> Roman Bogorodskiy

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