C bhyve administration tool

Shawn Debnath shawn at debnath.net
Thu Nov 5 18:15:07 UTC 2015

Great feedback and thank you.  Looks like it might not hurt to continue 
the work, at least for now.

My reasoning for a C based tool was to be able to use libvmmapi to get 
deeper integration with the bhyve framework.  Let's see how things go.  
I will work on getting the basics functioning and get a build out.  
Folks can try it out, and if there's interest, we can talk about what 
would a good local bhyve administration tool should look like. Seems 
like there are at least a few people with ideas they would like to see 
implemented. The basics can be easily re-factored so this effort won't 
be wasted.

The initial features will mimic iohyve and vmrc with more or less the 
same cmdline usage:

1. Build a VM based on configuration (simple to start, UCL is the goal)
2. Start/stop/restart VM (Attempt graceful shutdown, option for forced)
3. StartAll/StopAll/RestartAll VMs
4. List basic status of VMs
5. Destroy a VM

Won't be dealing with ZFS management yet.


Paul Vixie on 11/04/2015 14:19 wrote:
> On Wednesday, November 04, 2015 09:56:53 PM Andreas Nilsson wrote:
> > Well,
> > 
> > in all honesty, getting vm managers to kvm equivalents ( ie virt-manager )
> > should not be a goal. virt-manager and friends are terrible. Please
> > envision something better!
> > 
> > Where it is hosted and what language it is written in doesn't really matter.
> > 
> > Just my 2 cents.
> i'll add a nickel to those thoughts. libvirt isn't a library, virsh isn't a 
> shell, and it all sucks so bad it blows. bhyve deserves something new.
> -- 
> P. Vixie
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