can we get some interaction between halt/reboot and bhyve?

Paul Vixie paul at
Wed May 27 06:19:05 UTC 2015

Craig Rodrigues wrote:
> ...
> I haven't tried them, but Michael Dexter has written more comprehensive
> rc.d scripts from bhyve:

these look good but i'm waiting for man pages, while meanwhile i bake my
own toolset.

> rc.d scripts work well if you can live with the normal shutdown process
> invoking rc.d scripts.
> For my uses, I can live with shutdown and rc.d.

so can i except in emergencies.

> If you want to halt/reboot/poweroff, then you still have the original
> problem that Paul pointed out.

reboot.c currently detects paging. is there a way to have it detect disk
i/o in general?

note, 30 seconds isn't always enough. on a DCC server with 4GB mmap()'d,
i've run out of time. so, a sysctl for both the minimum (currently 5
seconds) and maximum (currently 30 seconds) reboot i/o drain period
would be great. i would code these and submit them if these changes were

Paul Vixie

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