bhyve code question, pci_virtio_net.c

Julian Elischer julian at
Sat May 23 17:32:44 UTC 2015

On 5/17/15 3:01 AM, Peter Grehan wrote:
>  My rough plan to move forward with this is that any new non-virtio 
> NIC emulation will get the FreeBSD OUI and perhaps a different 
> default algorithm. virtio-net will continue to use the existing one, 
> but maybe in the future a "legacy-mac" option will be required to 
> use the old algorithm, and then it can be phased out.
>  Yet another option is an auto-generated MAC is placed in a config 
> file on first boot, ala VMWare. That could be the solution when 
> config file work arrives.
I generate my macs based on the inode number of the root image. 
(through a lookup-file..)

> later,
> Peter.
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