bhyve virtio-scsi support

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On Tue, Aug 25, 2015 at 11:48 PM, Prasad Joshi
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> Hello All,
>> bhyve
>>    Links
>>    bhyve FAQ and talks
>>     URL:
>>    Contact: Peter Grehan <grehan at>
>>    Contact: Neel Natu <neel at>
>>    Contact: Tycho Nightingale <tychon at>
>>    Contact: Allan Jude <freebsd at>
>>    Contact: Alexander Motin <mav at>
>>    Contact: Marcelo Araujo <araujo at>
>>    bhyve is a hypervisor that runs on the FreeBSD/amd64 platform. At
>>    present, it runs FreeBSD (8.x or later), Linux i386/x64, OpenBSD
>>    i386/amd64, and NetBSD/amd64 guests. Current development is focused on
>>    enabling additional guest operating systems and implementing features
>>    found in other hypervisors.
>>    bhyve BoF at BSDCan 2015
>>    A bhyve BoF was held during lunch hour at BSDCan 2015. It was attended
>>    by approximately 60 people.
>>    Michael Dexter showed Windows Server 2012 running inside bhyve.
>>    Common themes that came up during the discussion were: bhyve
>>    configuration, libvirt and OpenStack integration, best practices, bhyve
>>    with ZFS, additional guest support and live migration.
>>    Google Summer of Code 2015
>>    A number of bhyve-related proposals were submitted for GSoC 2015 and
>>    these four were accepted:
>>      * NE2000 device emulation
>>      * Porting bhyve to ARM
>>      * ptnetmap support in bhyve
>>      * PXE boot support in bhyveload
>>    A number of improvements were made to bhyve this quarter:
>>      * GEOM storage backend now works properly with bhyve.
>>      * Device model enhancements and new instruction emulations to support
>>        Windows guests.
>>      * Improve virtio-net performance by disabling queue notifications
>>        when not needed.
>>      * The dtrace FBT provider now works properly with vmm.ko.
>>    Marcelo Araujo and Allan Jude created a rough patch to make bhyve parse
>>    a config file to replace the existing method of configuration by
>>    command line invocation. The rapid pace of advancement in bhyve
>>    resulted in requiring a much more complex config file. A new design for
>>    the config file, with support for the plugin architecture that will
>>    eventually be introduced into bhyve, is now being discussed.
>> Open tasks:
>>     1. Improve documentation.
>>     2. bhyveucl is a script for starting bhyve instances based on a libUCL
>>        config file. More information at
>>     3. Add support for virtio-scsi.
> I think virtio-scsi support is very interesting.
> I skimmed through FreeBSD source, it seems like virtio-scsi guest
> driver support is already present in FreeBSD. As far as I can
> understand, at the moment the virtio-scsi support is absent in bhyve
> host side. It seems like bhyve source implements virtio block
> interface, which bhyve uses to attach raw disks to VM. A similar
> functionality for virtio scsi devices has to be implemented. Please
> let me know if any one has already started working on this. I would be
> glad to help with development and/or testing.
> Thanks and Regards,
> Prasad
>>     4. Flexible networking backend: wanproxy, vhost-net
>>     5. Support running bhyve as non-root.
>>     6. Add filters for popular VM file formats (VMDK, VHD, QCOW2).
>>     7. Implement an abstraction layer for video (no X11 or SDL in base
>>        system).
>>     8. Suspend/resume support.
>>     9. Live Migration.
>>    10. Nested VT-x support (bhyve in bhyve).
>>    11. Support for other architectures (ARM, MIPS, PPC).

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