FreeBSD 10.2 RC2 under Windows 10 Hyper-V

Bart Derda bede at
Mon Aug 17 13:47:12 UTC 2015

Wei Hu <weh at ...> writes:

> Hi,
> Does FreeBSD 10.1 on 2012R2 work in your case? If you can provide detailed
reproducible steps, I will try to
> set it up and troubleshoot in house.

Hi, I have the same problem.
Yes, FreeBSD 10.1 on 2012R2 works in my case. When my kernel was upgrade
from 10.2 sources, I have problem with tcp/udp connection (for example - I
see SYN -> Syn ACK and nothing else, only again the same sequence (end with

I disabled tso/lso on my nics - not worked.
Today, I'm having mixed OS (kernel from 10.1 and system 10.2).


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