bhyve and zfs and speed

John freebsd-lists at
Tue Sep 2 13:56:38 UTC 2014

Hello list,

I'm thinking of re-doing a host server from virtualbox to bhyve in an effort to 
speed things up. The server is a Dell and the cpu is E5-2650L @ 1.80GHz
with 32 CPUs and 192GB ram. It runs freebsd 10-stable r267848 generic
kernel with ZFS throughout (10TB). Unfortunately there's no SSD. There will
probably be 10 at the most websites on this server as guests, all needing

The problem I'm having is that with bhyve (and to a lesser extent, ZFS)
the relevant advice for what I need is kind of scattered. Basically, I
need to know:

0. any ballpark figures for zfs tunables? Right now, it's running 
with defaults. top shows this, with one freebsd and one ubuntu guest, on vbox:

Mem: 50M Active, 784M Inact, 78G Wired, 6132K Cache, 108G Free
ARC: 38G Total, 5778M MFU, 27G MRU, 16K Anon, 4540M Header, 1910M Other
Swap: 192G Total, 192G Free

1. does zfs need tuning for bhyve?

2. does bhyve need tuning for zfs?

3. do either need tuning for MySQL (or even apache) ?

many thanks for advice (or pointers to documentation) 

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