[Bug 192281] [kern] nmdm with bhyve causes kernel panic

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Mon Sep 1 03:36:19 UTC 2014


--- Comment #5 from Dave Smith <dsmith at johncompanies.com> ---

Hi Peter,

I had 3 VMs running with a slightly modified vmrc.   The vms had names like

When I tried to start a 4th VM it happened to have a name like col00345.  I was
using the last 4 digits as the nmdm device number.  Apparently a leading zero
for the nmdm number caused a problem. The whole system crashed.  I changed the
vm name to col05345, and it worked.

To my way of thinking, nothing that can be entered on a command line should be
able to cause a kernel crash.

Let me know if you need more information.  I even have a couple of crash dumps.

Dave Smith

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