bhyve remote kgdb does not support kernel modules...

Peter Grehan grehan at
Mon Nov 17 05:14:44 UTC 2014

Hi John-Mark,

>> Where those should be in the aesni.ko module...  If I run kgdb on a
>> local machine, it properly finds the kernel modules... Any hits on
>> how to fix this?

  To add to Julian's reply, there's also some info in the thread starting at

> Also, any plans to support the Z2 write-watchpoint packet?
> (kgdb) watch *(char *)0xfffff80002919708
> Hardware watchpoint 1: *(char *) 18446735277659625224
> (kgdb) c
> Continuing.
> Can't clear hardware watchpoints without the 'Z2' (write-watchpoint) packet

  You'd have to write some code to glue the MI gdb/gdb_main.c packet 
handler to the routines in ddb/db_watch.c. (I'm sure this exists 
somewhere out there - certainly did at my previous workplace).

  If you want to take that on, we can do the other piece which is to 
context-switch the debug registers on guest entry/exit.



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