Booting a bhyve VM with NFS root?

Craig Rodrigues rodrigc at
Thu Nov 6 19:52:38 UTC 2014


Has anyone tried the following:

   (1)  Create a disk image, which only has the contents of the /boot
         and /etc/fstab.
   (2)  /etc/fstab should specify the root file system over NFS
   (3)  Boot the disk image in bhyve.  The loader will parse /etc/fstab,
         and it will also load the kernel and boot it.  When the kernel
         it will mount the root file system over NFS.

For a real system running with a BIOS, PXE can be used for a lot of this:

The pxeldr populates some kernel environment variables which are then
used to mount a root file system:

Has anyone tried manually specifying these variables
via the "bhyveload -e" arguments, and forcing the VM to mount its root file
system over NFS?

This would be handy for very quickly test booting a new buildworld.


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