bhyveload Will not support i386 root on zfs vm ? please help..

Peter Grehan grehan at
Thu Nov 6 06:52:18 UTC 2014


  This looks to be a problem in userboot's handling of module 
dependencies on i386.

  On amd64:

> /boot/kernel/zfs.ko size 0x267f50 at 0x1955000
> loading required module 'opensolaris'

.. while on i386 the dependency isn't found, resulting in the 
opensolaris module not being loaded:
> /boot/kernel/zfs.ko text=0x181bf4 data=0x9420+0x14e78
> syms=[0x4+0x10c40+0x4+0x16e67]
> loading required module 'ELF    '

  I'd hazard a guess this is a 64-bit issue since 'lsmod' for an i386 
kernel doesn't work from the (64-bit) bhyveload prompt. I'll take a 
closer look at the code.



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