bhyve on AMD, linux and high load

Willem Jan Withagen wjw at
Thu May 22 15:26:12 UTC 2014


Just a point on the timeline....
I think somebody asked why his CPU load was so high on AMD running linux.

I've completed compiling a "fresh" linux-kernel on my Ubuntu 14.04 
system, installed and rebooted it.

And where previously a Linux-kernel would drain the CPUs it got assigned 
to the max... Aka 2 CPU would drive the load +2 and top would diskplay a 
200% cpu.

With the new kernel, that is no longer the case. On a idle vm the CPU 
load is like 6-7%....

At the moment I'm running:

So somewhere in the interaction between bhyve idle detection and the 
older linux kernel things do not match...


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