Problem with ZFS userboot changes r262331 and VM with mixed partitions

Craig Rodrigues rodrigc at
Sun Mar 16 00:12:47 UTC 2014

On Wed, Mar 5, 2014 at 7:22 AM, Kurt Lidl <lidl at> wrote:
> I ran into this same problem a couple of weeks ago when I first played
> with the ZFS boot support in
> The following set of operations on the hypervisor can be used to add
> bootable support to your zfs installation.
> (I don't know what the name of your zpool is on the emulated host.
> If the name of that zpool is the same as the zpool on your hypervisor
> host, you might have to go at this a different way.)  I have taken
> to naming the zpool for the any clients to be the same as the name
> of the virtual machine, so I can easily mount it on the host running
> the hypervisor and fiddle with it.
> For the purposes of this example, my virtual machine is called "vm0".
> The zpool for that host lives in a zpool called "zdata" on my
> hypervisor machine.  In my case, my /boot was a symlink that
> pointed to /bootdir/boot, so you might need to adjust the
> following slightly.
> zfs import -f -R /mnt vm0
> fsck_ufs /dev/zvol/zdata/vm0p2
> mount /dev/zvol/zdata/vm0p2 /mnt/bootdir
> cd /mnt
> chflags -h nosunlink boot
> rm boot
> cp -R bootdir/* .
> umount /mnt/bootdir
> cd /
> zpool export vm0
> Good luck.


Thanks for breaking down the steps so nicely!  I followed similar
steps and got my VM to
boot with the latest userboot.


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