is now official

Michael Dexter editor at
Tue Aug 26 14:51:22 UTC 2014

Hello all,

I am posting to this list as a great many bhyve users and contributors 
are subscribed to it.

I am pleased to report that is now the official 
repository for miscellaneous bhyve information, specifically those 
topics that are not covered in the manual pages and the FreeBSD 
Handbook. The content at has been updated and merged into the 
previous /bhyve wiki page.

The documentation team has been notified of this change and may choose 
to migrate it from the F.A.Q. format.

The bhyve developers and I are discussing the future role of 
One thought is to host even-more-miscellaneous bhyve-related content 
such as social media and videos.

Thank you everyone who has contributed to this content.

Michael Dexter
bhyve Volunteer

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