bhyve userboot -- lack of inb()/outb() in ficl

Peter Grehan grehan at
Wed Aug 13 21:20:32 UTC 2014

Hi Arthur,

> I noticed that userboot doesn't contain inb()/outb() bindings:
> from loader(8):
>       inb (port -- char)
>                      Reads a byte from a port.
>       outb (port char --)
>                      Writes a byte to a port.
> Yet, manual page for bhyveload(8) claims:
>       bhyveload is based on loader(8) and will present an interface identical
>       to the FreeBSD loader on the user's terminal.
> Is there any interest in adding this functionality?

  It won't work for bhyveload/userboot - the VM isn't actually running 
at that point so there's nowhere for the commands to go.

  I also don't think these commands are supported on non-x86 loaders 
either, so it could be claimed an issue with the man page :) I can put 
some text in the bhyveload man page to indicate that not all x86 
commands are supported (smap, pnpscan etc).

  Were you looking at using inb/outb for anything in particular ?



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