[Xen-devel] FreeBSD PVHVM call for testing

Colin Percival cperciva at freebsd.org
Thu May 30 01:11:28 UTC 2013

On 05/29/13 15:19, Matt Wilson wrote:
> On Wed, May 29, 2013 at 01:58:59PM -0700, Colin Percival wrote:
>> On 29/05/13 19:22, Matt Wilson wrote:
>>> Colin, can you build an AMI with this new kernel?
>> Done, ami-95177dfc in us-east-1.
>> This is now booting successfully on cr1.8xlarge; are there any other instance
>> types I should test?  I don't know which Xen versions you have deployed across
>> the entire fleet.
> Nice! The other interesting instance types for problems like this are
> cc1.4xlarge, cg1.4xlarge and cc2.8xlarge.

I've tried on all three of those and everything seems good -- but I'm only
seeing Xen 3.4 on those instance types, so we're not really testing anything
interesting there.

I'll resist asking whether there will be Xen 4.x anywhere else in EC2 in the
near future since I've had enough of a taste of Amazon NDAs to know that I
almost certainly wouldn't get an answer... ;-)

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