virtualbox, PCBSD and NAT mode

Julian Elischer julian at
Sat May 11 10:00:07 UTC 2013

I have been unable to get NAT mode to work for me.
  (bridging seems to work fine)

is it known to be broken or otherwise fussy in freebsd 9.1?

I have it under PCBSD 9.1 and installed the PBI..

other than the problem with NAT mode it seems to be working fine.
but that is a deal breaker for when I'm running from a remote site 
through a vpn as I just get one VPN address.. I did set 
net.inet.ip-forwarding=1 but that didn't seem to help.

The packets get out but the replies never get passed back through the 
NAT. They
do make it back as far as the PC-BSD machine

I do run it that way under OS-X so I know htat is the mode I need.

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