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Neel Natu neelnatu at
Mon Jan 21 22:28:07 UTC 2013

Hi Jesse,

On Mon, Jan 21, 2013 at 3:11 AM, Jesse <jesse at> wrote:
> First, I have to load vmm manually. If I write vmm_load="YES" into
> /boot/loader.conf and restart the computer, then run ./ vm0, the
> whole computer is dead, no keyboard, mouse response. And there is no
> response when I press the power button too. So I have to cut off the
> electronic. But it's OK if I manually load the vmm module.

This is fixed in r245704.

> Second, when I poweroff or shutdown -p now the guest os, the guest os will
> stop at "Press any key to continue". So I kill it.

I see the following error message on the console when this happens:
acpi0: AcpiEnterSleepStatePrep failed - AE_NOT_FOUND

This is a deficiency in the ACPI implementation in bhyve. Until this
is fixed could you use "halt" or "reboot" which work as expected?

> The host has been built WITHOUT_GCC, but I think this is irrelevant.
> I want to help to test bhyve, but I don't know how to do really.

I think you are helping already by reporting bugs that you find :-)


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