run bhyve vm headless

Marat Bakeev hawara at
Fri Feb 1 12:45:24 UTC 2013

On 01/02/2013 00:55, Peter Grehan wrote:
> Are there any ways to run vms in background, or to detach from console,
>> if guest is started with the -S uart option? Or am I using this wrong?
>  Hmmm, I thought that it would work fine if the 'stdio' option wasn't
> used with the uart emulation
>  e.g.   -S  <slot>,uart
>    instead of
>         -S  <slot>,uart,stdio
>  What the former does is to drop all output sent to the uart, and not
> have any input. This would be one way to run in the background.
> Another would be to use the latter syntax and setup i/o redirection
> from /dev/null when starting the bhyve process.
Thanks for the advice, running it like this:
bhyve -c 2 -a -A -m 1024 -M 4096 -I -H -g 0 -s 0:0,hostbridge -s
1:0,virtio-net,tap3 -s 2:0,virtio-blk,/dev/zvol/z0/bhyve/vm3 -S
31,uart,stdio vm3 < /dev/null - really allows me to send it to background!

But, if i modify -S 31,uart,stdio to -S 31,uart - 9.1 guest still won`t
boot - bhyve process is in [vmidle] state, and there is no activity
inside vm. I don`t know if this is important, reporting it just in case :)

Thank you.

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