suspend/resume on BHyVe

Iori YONEJI fivo.11235813 at
Tue Apr 2 09:15:31 UTC 2013

Hi all,

I couldn't spare much time to consider about this topic because I have
to move to new house, but now I'm OK.

I'm implementing registers-save feature including:
  1. libvmmapi with get_vmxctx
  2. kernel supports of 1.
  3. user-land hack using 1, that saves registers and some
configurations into (possibly msgpack) binary file.

But I noticed that vmxctx is depending on Intel VT-x, and we also need
to support AMD SVM,
so I need common struct registers.

I heard about SVM support but it's not in my repository copy(Revision: 248994),
how much do I have to care about AMD?

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