GPF when doing jail -r, possibly an use-after-free

Mikolaj Golub trociny at
Wed Jul 4 07:01:04 UTC 2012

On Tue, 03 Jul 2012 10:45:40 -0700 Xin Li wrote:

 XL> Hi,

 XL> I've talked with bz@ briefly about this and we think it's better to
 XL> put this to a mailing list.

 XL> Here is what I have seen on 8.2-RELEASE (with a few local patches).
 XL>  When doing "jail -r <jid>", after a while, a GPF happens here, in
 XL> sys/net/vnet.c:

 XL> /*
 XL>  * Destroy a virtual network stack.
 XL>  */
 XL> void
 XL> vnet_destroy(struct vnet *vnet)
 XL> {
 XL>         struct ifnet *ifp, *nifp;

 XL> [...]

 XL>         /* Return all inherited interfaces to their parent vnets. */
 XL>         TAILQ_FOREACH_SAFE(ifp, &V_ifnet, if_link, nifp) {
 XL> --->            if (ifp->if_home_vnet != ifp->if_vnet)
 XL>                         if_vmove(ifp, ifp->if_home_vnet);
 XL>         }

 XL> Where I saw %esi and %edi as "0xdeadc0de", so my understanding is that
 XL> there is an use-after-free somewhere.  I'm still trying to track this
 XL> bug down.

 XL> In this configuration we used bridge and epair to communicate with the
 XL> jail.  Teardown of the bridge would bring the underlying interface
 XL> down and up, not sure if that's related though.

Is this observed after destroying epair? There is an issue with epair: on
destroy, when epair_clone_destroy() calls ether_ifdetach() for its second half
it does not switch to its vnet and if_detach_internal() can't find the
interface and just returns. As a result V_ifnet list is left with dead

Here is an updated patch against CURRENT:

Mikolaj Golub

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