[RELEASE] vimage-1.1 FreeBSD Package for testing VIMAGE jails

Devin Teske devin.teske at fisglobal.com
Thu Sep 1 08:43:13 UTC 2011

Hi List, et. al,

I'd like to share a FreeBSD package containing a new rc.d script that I've written for make managing VIMAGE jails.


The FreeBSD package installs the contents of this patch:


If you feel like participating in the discussion about said-patch, here's the thread link:


However, this thread is for the discussion of the package and getting some people to test the new script before it gets approved for HEAD.

First, a primer:

You'll need to ideally be running FreeBSD-8.1 or higher.
Next, at a minimum, you'll need a kernel with the:

	options VIMAGE

line added to the kernel configuration.

NOTE: You should also add "nooptions SCTP" (without quotes) if "include'ing" GENERIC, or if working on a copy of GENERIC, simply find the "options SCTP" line and comment it out as VIMAGE does not yet support SCTP.

Last, you'll need to do one of the following three things, either:

1. Add the following lines to your kernel configuration:

	options	NETGRAPH

NOTE: Kernel will always support bridging.

2. or, instead, add the following lines to your /boot/loader.conf file:


NOTE: Kernel will rely on modules loaded at boot time to support bridging.

3. or, instead, execute the following commands

	kldload ng_bridge
	kldload ng_eiface
	kldload ng_ether
	kldload ng_socket

NOTE: Must be executed each/every time you reboot.

Once that has been accomplished, you should verify that you can see your Ethernet devices by executing:

	ngctl list

On a system with both a bge0 and an fxp0 interface, the above command produces the following output:

There are 3 total nodes:
  Name: bge0            Type: ether           ID: 00000001   Num hooks: 0
  Name: ngctl4173       Type: socket          ID: 0000002e   Num hooks: 0
  Name: fxp0            Type: ether           ID: 00000002   Num hooks: 0

Once you've got that all set up, now you're ready to start making Vimages.

If you're familiar with managing jails, it's not much different. However, as a refresher, I recommend checking out /etc/rc.conf.d/vimage after installing the package. It will show you which options should be set to enable each feature for each vimage.


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