Network stack virtualization docs?

Julian Elischer julian at
Fri Jun 11 00:32:03 UTC 2010

On 6/10/10 3:07 PM, Fernando Gleiser wrote:
> I'm looking for some technical docs about FreeBSD's network stac virt. I saw a paper from the wiki and little else. The paper seems to focus mostly on the paralielization of the network stack more than the framework for a virtualized network.
> I want to compare it against OpenSolaris' crossbow, which has a way to virtualize almost anything: virtual nics, virtual switches and virtual wires, so you can build a "wan in a box". Is there anything like that for FreeBSD? any pointers to good docs would be apreciated
> Fer
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firstly you should probably post to virtualization at  (CC'd)

there have been various papers presented since 2003 on the topic
but they are probably all out of date.
the mechanism currently used is descripbed a bit in the 'how to 
virtualize a module' document.

click on the 'download' link here:

It describes how things are virtualized. once you have read that
come back to this list with questions.

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