ppp in vimages?

Nikos Vassiliadis nvass9573 at gmx.com
Fri Dec 4 17:55:49 UTC 2009

Julian Elischer wrote:

> Nikos Vassiliadis wrote:
>> Julian Elischer wrote:
>>> we would expect it to work the way you wish but it appears that we 
>>> have left that out in oversight.
>>> We'll see what we can do..
>>> (remember in 8.0 vimage is just s technology review feature and you 
>>> should not be trying to use it in production.)
>>> I'll look at what it will take to fix this by 8.1 :-)
>> Thanks a lot!
>> Completely irrelevant to this thread, but is there any
>> in-kernel NAT mechanism that is known to work with vnets
>> at this time?
> ipfw nat?  (same library, different interface)
> I've never used it though so I don't know how it's done.

Tried that, but unfortunately the ipfw nat module panics the
kernel on loading...


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