multicast routing patch revised

Ahrenholz, Jeffrey M jeffrey.m.ahrenholz at
Thu Nov 6 09:11:10 PST 2008

Attached is an updated patch for multicast routing. This is against the
vimage_7-20081015.tgz that Marko has posted on

This fixes a number of issues with the previous patch that I posted -
initialization problems, adds IPv6 multicast routing support, fixes
timer functions with the bandwidth monitoring code. This has been tested
with PIM and IPv4 and IPv6 multicast routing. Now it uses its own
VNET_MOD_MROUTE state allowing for proper initialization.

The file porting_to_vimage.txt has been very helpful! I still have one
problem however which is not covered by the text -- when you
reboot/shutdown the machine, the ip_mroute_modevent() w/MOD_UNLOAD is
called without curvnet being valid. How do you find the proper vnet in
this situation?

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