vimage status?

Julian Elischer julian at
Mon Jun 30 16:48:19 UTC 2008

Bjoern A. Zeeb wrote:
> Hi,
> I think a lot of us lost track on the current state. So I have a few
> questions:
> 1) there are almost half a dozen p4 branches now, can you (maybe on
> the wiki) put up a description for which stage each branch is for and
> the current state (with a date) and keep this updated?

I have doc explaining this that I sent to silby.
I'll put it on the wiki if I can.

> 2) What is the current state of stage 1? Is there a script+patch for
> (non p4 people) to download and point at/review? What is the plan for
> committing? 1 day, 2 days, 1 week, 2 weeks? Just roughly. I know it's
> sooner than later but just to give people an idea as I haven't seen
> any review requests so far.

stage 1 is currently as you see it in the vimage-commit2 branch

as of friday it was good, but an MFC over the weekend broke a few
things..(the pain of following -current in a branch)
The branch "vimage-commit3" is an alternate commit candidate
that contains more stuff that also goes to NULL (nut more than was
agreed to in the meeting).
The reason that we might include the extra stuff is that it
reduces the size of the remaining diff considerably and makes it
easier to see the 'real' diffs that are to follow.

> 3) A few of us had started a review the entire thing and had been told
> to `wait' for some cleanup to happen? Has this happened? Is there a
> new patch on the entire work that would be ready for review? Which
> branch to use to commit changes to (or rather send patches)?

I am working a couple of days a week on trying to separate out the
diffs to the stage where we can do what we were asked to do.
in doing so I have come across some issues that may require some
clarification and work. So I'm pushing back the commits "indefinitley"
until we can get enough time to clean/address these issues.

it's still probably worth reading the base vimage files
i.e. kern_vimage.c and sys/vimage.h regardless of whether we
are cleaning.

> 4) Some of us had tried to get vimage to boot and failed. Should we
> give it a try again? Which patch/branch?

The 'vimage' branch is the one to try as it is the 'final product'
however since my MFC on Sunday it is probably broken.
(the price of following -current)

> Bjoern

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