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James Gritton jamie at
Tue Jun 10 00:55:31 UTC 2008

Miroslav Lachman wrote:
> Are there somebody who can shed some light on "what is planned in Jail 
> / Vimage" for near future? I read many times "we talked about it at 
> the developers summit" or "we will publish them on a wiki", but it is 
> a long time ago and real informations are still kind of secret.
> I am working on page and I will be glad 
> to publish as more informations as I can.
> For example, what is morphing symlinks? Or I know Verio has VPS on 
> FreeBSD with fair-share resource management - are there some plans to 
> have it in the src tree? Are you in contact with them?

My own place in things is currently not adding features so much as 
working on an underlying framework where these different things can be 
added in an extensible and hopefully backward-compatible way.  Yes, this 
comes from talk at the recent develop summit, where there concern 
(including my own) that there's already a "jail" system and new and 
improved virtualization should remain part of that.  Vimage is where the 
momentum is to get something actually committed in the near future, so 
I'm especially gearing to work with that - also, I want to use what it 
has to offer.

As for the Verio stuff (that's me), last I heard there's still lawyers 
involved in slowing things down, but after there will be two steps.  One 
is just showing what we have to give, and then the next more important 
step is integrating it with the setup I'm working on now, instead of our 
own like-jail-but-not-quite configuration.  Vimage will be in place by 
then, so this is something for later, but to plan for now.

- Jamie

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