kinda headsup..

Kris Kennaway kris at
Mon Jun 9 18:34:59 UTC 2008

Julian Elischer wrote:
> Kris Kennaway wrote:
>> Julian Elischer wrote:
>>> At the BSDCAn devsummit we discussed how to proceed with committing 
>>> Vimage to -current.
>>> the Milestones included something like:
>>> June 8 (today) Headsup....
>>> June 15        commit changes that add macros for vnet
>>>                (network module) and vinet(inet virtualisation)
>>>                with macros defined in such a way to make 0 actual
>>>                differences. provable by md5 etc.
>>>                Documentat
>>>                  s/hostname/g//V_hostname/
>>>                  #define V_hostname hostname
>>>                2 weeks settle time, next step prepared, tested
>>>                and reviewed.
>> ...
>>> diffs can be found at:
>>> and it are usually
>>> fairly up to date.
>> Did Marko fix the panic I saw back in May?  I wasn't even able to boot 
>> a vimage kernel yet, let alone begin testing it :)
> is this the ipv6 panic?
> I must admit I have not heard..
> he was looking at it back thne and has committed stuff since then..
> I use it with IPV4 quite successfully quite often.
> note that the first commits are pretty much quaranteed to not have that 
> problem.. as they are effective NOPs
> I'll get back to you  on it..

Yes, the panic occurs when one runs a vimage kernel on a CVS world. 
It's presumably a case of incomplete validation of the input from userland.

I'd still like someone to validate the initial commits and establish a 
framework for ongoing testing, because we've seen cases recently where 
things as simple as structure alignment changes can have >30% 
performance impact, so if it's not entirely a NOP then there is still 
potential for trouble.


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