kinda headsup..

Julian Elischer julian at
Mon Jun 9 05:58:42 UTC 2008

At the BSDCAn devsummit we discussed how to proceed with committing 
Vimage to -current.

the Milestones included something like:

June 8 (today) Headsup....

June 15        commit changes that add macros for vnet
                (network module) and vinet(inet virtualisation)
                with macros defined in such a way to make 0 actual
                differences. provable by md5 etc.
                  #define V_hostname hostname
                2 weeks settle time, next step prepared, tested
                and reviewed.

June 29        Add changes to convert all globals to members of
                per-module structures. Done in a reversible way
                (i.e. compilable out).  Macros defined so that
                depending on compile options structures or globals
                are used (one global structure).
                Performance implications of using structures are
                evaluated. Structures possibly tuned.
                Initialisation routines added, checked and tuned.
                  #if VIMAGE_USE_STRUCTS
                  #define V_hostname sys_globals.hostname
                  #define V_hostname hostname

July 13        globals removed in vnet, vinet.
                ifdefs and compile option removed or scaled back
                to make code clean to read again.
                Destructor routines added where needed.
                Remaining "NULL Macros" (compile to nothing at this
                point) committed to reduce the size of the
                MEAT diffs. Review of Meat diffs formally under way
                for final comment.
                  #define INIT_VNET_INET(x) /* nothing */
                  add "INIT_VNET_INET(curvnet);"(and similar)
                 where needed.
                 remove globals (e.g. 'hostname')

July 21        JAIL+Vimage framework committed.
                e.g. add new syscall, program, etc.
                (part one of meat diffs) structures still only
                global instances. vimage inhansed jails can be created
                but act jus tlike normal jails?

July 28        Ability to created > 1 vimage enabled.
                Vimage enhanced jails now have private network
                stacks etc.

August        start on converting more modules as needed and time

Marko and I have been working towards splitting up the current diffs
(which do the whole thing) so allow this schedule to be followed.

We may or may not be ready for the June 15 step by then, but if not
it may be a week there-after.  So this should be considered the
heads-up. discussion will be on freebsd-virtualization@
and the perforce branch that we have as a current working system
is branch 'vimage'.   //depot/projects/vimage/...

diffs can be found at: and it are usually
fairly up to date.

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