[FreeBSD-users-jp 95216] Fw:Sales of professional printing plate2014-06-16 11:07:35

fufujin163 at yeah.net fufujin163 at yeah.net
Mon Jun 16 03:07:40 UTC 2014

   Our company is a professional printing plate sales, the main customer
   printing, business card printing factory. The use of printing and any
   brand and publishing machine. The company was founded in Chinese
   Shenzhen. The annual sales reached 12000000 square meters. Reliable
   quality. On the basis of quality, to serve as the fundamental, take the
   customer as the center. Quality first, the amount will reach.

   Contact way

   E-mail: [1]jintaiyuan163 at 126.com


   Visible links
   1. mailto:jintaiyuan163 at 126.com

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   2. file://localhost/tmp/tmpVh_hZk.html
   3. file://localhost/tmp/tmpVh_hZk.html
   4. file://localhost/tmp/tmpVh_hZk.html
   5. file://localhost/tmp/tmpVh_hZk.html
   6. file://localhost/tmp/tmpVh_hZk.html
   7. file://localhost/tmp/tmpVh_hZk.html
   8. file://localhost/tmp/tmpVh_hZk.html
   9. file://localhost/tmp/tmpVh_hZk.html
  10. file://localhost/tmp/tmpVh_hZk.html
  11. file://localhost/tmp/tmpVh_hZk.html
  12. file://localhost/tmp/tmpVh_hZk.html
  13. file://localhost/tmp/tmpVh_hZk.html
  14. file://localhost/tmp/tmpVh_hZk.html

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