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Mon Jan 20 16:52:42 UTC 2014

Good Morning Sir / Mam

Is your business ranking in local maps shown on PAGE 1 of google ? With new
google policies they have specifically asked local business owners to
optimize their website for local maps rather than JUST organics. Do you know
the reason why you are not ranked well on google MAPs or why there is drop
in your website rankings? Prime reason for bad rankings for a busniess is
lack of local presence and local citations ie getting your business listed
on directories like YELP, MANTA & Many more. These websites not just give
your business a push but also help you Maintain a good Online Reputation.

Why you need to optimize your website for local MAP Listings ?

- MAP listings get 10 times more clicks than organic listings
- Increased conversions because of real reviews posted on your Google Plus
- Every year there is 30% increase in searches for local keywords
- Increases legitimacy of a Business

We will help you get your website ranked well on google for the related
keywords in your niche. We specialize in LOCAL SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION
increasing visibility for small businesses by ranking them for
geographically-related keywords. Say for eg-: you want to search a plumber
in your city, You will be typing in keywords like Plumbers + City Or
Plumbers + IN + City. We make sure your website comes in google MAP listings
shown on page 1 for each such keyword.

means that google wants to end up that frustrating experience of users who
are searching for Service Or Product and seeing the results that are not
even close to what they are looking for. Google only wants to give their
user original and relevant results. This makes it even more important that
we showcase our business in the best possible way and make sure our website
in valued high by google.

We at TheLOCALIST will make google feel the importance of your business by
following their guidelines thus ranking your website higher in serach
results. We are presently offering LOCAL OPTIMIZATION to more than 400
websites and they all rank page 1 for all possible keywords !!! Each month
your website is submitted to more than 50 citations and social presence is
controlled by posting videos and blogs all over the web.

Email us back with your website & phone number so we can discuss this
further with you. Our Packages start from as low as 99$/month.

Thanks For Taking Time To Read Our Email

Polly Martin
Local SEO Manager ( THE Localist )
Address : 24 ST Suite 32 Downtown Provo Utah


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