[FreeBSD-users-jp 95249] Re: TESTING required: keyboard maps for NEWCONS (committed to -CURRENT and available for -STABLE)

Tomoaki AOKI junchoon at dec.sakura.ne.jp
Mon Aug 18 10:53:11 UTC 2014

Thanks for your work, Stefan!

Please consider modifying scan code 125 in jp.kbd and jp.capsctrl.kbd.
Changing '\' to 165 (unicode XML entity ¥ is YEN SIGN) matches
major keyboards in Japan (would be OADG 109A or its variants) with
unicode locales.

Please see below for key layouts.


This page is in Japanese, but figures here would be useful.
*Historical background:
 For historical reason, starting from JIS X 0201, code point 0x5C is
 used for YEN SIGN (currency JPY) in Japan. This code point may be
 used for backslash in other countries. (So, YEN SIGN should not be
 supported in syscons.)

 But now in unicode, YEN SIGN has its own code point, and safely
 coexists with backslash.

 So, enabling both in vt would be nice. And particularly for users
 having both FreeBSD and Windoze, matching keytop and displayed
 character should be important to avoid confusion.

CC'ed to freebsd-users-jp list for other Japanese users.
Any objections? Possibly, someone would want modifying scan code 115
instead of 125.

On Sun, 17 Aug 2014 22:36:24 +0200
Stefan Esser <se at freebsd.org> wrote:
> I have just committed keymap definitions that are converted to work with
> NEWCONS. Since the new console expects a Unicode locale, all
> the different encodings are no longer needed - but all files had to
> be converted from their respective encodings to Unicode.
> Since the character encoding is no longer required in the file
> names, all names where converted to be named by ISO country code
> (plus ISO language code, where required) followed by modifiers
> (e.g. .acc for accent keys).
> It is likely, that I introduced regressions, even though I spent
> quite a few hours on the conversion process and the manual
> verification of the results.
> These files are currently only committed to -CURRENT and I plan
> to MFC to 10-STABLE as soon as possible (and permitted), which is
> in 3 days.
> If you are able to test the keymap files under -CURRENT, I'd love
> to receive your feedback and remarks. Please do not commit any
> fixes directly to -CURRENT, since I'm still working on these files
> (I'm afraid of merge conflicts and higher effort required for the
> MFC in a few days ...).
> If you are a (potential) NEWCONS user on -STABLE, you may want to
> extract the contents of
> 	http://people.freebsd.org/~se/vt-keymaps.tar.bz2
> into /usr/share/vt/keymaps. (The Makefile is not required, if you
> directly extract to that directory, but it does no harm.)
> We really want to have verified keymaps for NEWCONS in 10-STABLE
> and the more "special" your language (i.e. the farther it is away
> from ISO8859-1 ;-) ) the bigger the risk that some specialty has
> been lost during the conversion.
> Please test and report your expected deadkeys vs. nodeadkeys
> experience, the combinations of Shift, Ctrl, Alt, Alt-Gr and
> all keys that you expect to support such modifiers, and the
> Caps Lock behavior (on keys that respect or ignore Caps Lock).
> I'll be reserving a few hours each day to get this into good
> shape for 10.1.
> Best regards, STefan
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