[Bug 192345] [u3g] [cdce] patch for huawei 4G/LTE modems: E3272, E3372

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Hi ,
  We have a Alix 2d13 i386 with pfsense 2.3.5 which is based on freebsd
10.3..netgate stop its support on nanobsd based on i386 so I cant upgrade it
anything newer than pfsense 2.3.5 freebsd 10.3..My problem is we want to use it
with 4g e3372 converted with stick firmware 21.300 (non hilink). When plug it
on my alix  here's dmesg:

ugen1.2: <HUAWEIMOBILE> at usbus1
u3g0: <NCM Network Control Model> on usbus1
u3g0: Found 2 ports

No ue0/cdc inteface came up..I tried it with vm pfsense 2.4.4 freebsd 11 and
modem was detected , I see ue0/cdc interface came up..
my 3372 modem has 0x12d1 Sub=03 Prot=16t . and I think there's no cdc module
for 0x12d1 Sub=03 Prot=16 on 10.3,

I just want to ask if I can compile this cdce driver for 10.3 and apply this
patch??Hope someone could help.I can donate for some beers,,

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