[Bug 237666] repeated messages of "uhub_reattach_port: giving up port reset - device vanished"

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Sun Aug 11 15:37:15 UTC 2019


--- Comment #39 from Konstantin Belousov <kib at FreeBSD.org> ---
(In reply to Hans Petter Selasky from comment #36)
These 'failed to allocate' messages are the secondary effects of reading all
ones.  Values of the bridge' registers to specify io and memory window to
forward to subordinary buses are all ones (AKA 0xfff...), and that range
conflicts with already allocated resources.

So the question is how it comes that bridges were enumerated, but accessing
their PCI config space reads failing.  I am curious if manually reading e.g.
pci vendor or device id using pciconf would show sane values or 1111...s.

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