[Bug 211895] 11.0-RC1: Exception: AE_ERROR, Thread ... could not acquire Mutex after resume from sleep

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Fri Aug 26 05:42:28 UTC 2016


--- Comment #2 from Aleksander Alekseev <afiskon at devzen.ru> ---
I've found very easy way to reproduce this issue. You need a laptop with
working suspend/resume and Logitech K360 keyboard.

1. Reboot the system
2. Login as root
3. Suspend: acpiconf -s 3
4. Turn off Logitech keyboard (there is a switch on it)
5a. Resume...
5b. ...quickly turn the keyboard on...
5c. ... and start typing.
6. If keyboard doesn't work and `usbconfig` hangs as described above, you
reproduced an issue
7. Otherwise repeat steps 3-5 a few more times. I usually need 2-3 attempts.

I didn't see "Exception: AE_ERROR ..." for a while, in fact I saw it only once.
Thus I think it's an unrelated problem. I'm also pretty sure that this problem
could exist before 11.0-RC1.

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