HP iLO virtual console / virtual CDROM device not recognized in 8?

Ivan Voras ivoras at freebsd.org
Fri Nov 13 14:20:01 UTC 2009


HP's virtual console allows remote (network) mounting of ISO images & CD 
devices on servers. In 7.x this worked fine but apparently with the new 
USB stack the device (which is emulated as a USB-attached CD/DVD reader. 
umass device) is not activated, though reported as recognized and being 
just booted from it.

The last few lines from the kernel about the device (transcribed by 
hand) are:

Root mount waiting for: usbus5
umass0: <Virtual CDROM> on usbus5
umass0: 8070i (ATAPI) over Bulk-Only; quirks=0
umass0:2:0:-1: attached to scbus2

That is all - there is no cd0 device or similar and sysinstall of course 
cannot install from the CD. Unfortunately, I'm also having trouble 
bringing up the network so I can't install over network either.

Has anyone else seen something like this before? Any suggestions?

This is a BL460 G1 blade server in c7000 chasis.

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