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Thu May 29 02:21:40 UTC 2008

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I've been screwing around  trying to get all of my usb jobs done.  At the
moment, I have all but one accomplished (I can't seem to set the report ID, it's
stuck on the wrong one) but that's not the main point.  What makes me wonder is
the seeming complete lack of the requests that are defined in section 7 of the
USB HID spec.  These include:

[G|S]et_Protocol_Request	(8 total requests)

I've heard, in the last few months, hints now and again about someone working on
a new libusbhid, but not knowing then what it was, I didn't make a note of it.
The present libusbhid seems to have only 1 of that list of 8 implemented.  Is it
poosible that someone has written this already, or (if not) is there some
overriding reason that it hasn't been done yet?  I need it, but I don't want to
spend time on something someone else has 90% done ... but without those
requests, my present code looks shitty, and I don't like that all that much.
The way I get myu data and parse it just doesn't look all that neat and clean, I
need something better.

So, if anyone knows the status on this, I'd sure appreciate it if you could
point me at it.
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