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Wed May 14 21:08:29 UTC 2008

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I wrote a parser, and I don't know if anyone might be interested in it.  I
didn't write it as something to be used in a driver ... I wrote it as a learning
aid, for someone who's trying to learn that horrible USB HID spec.  It's quite
verbose, most especially if you use it in GUI mode (I wrote it in Python, and
it's got a integral Tkinter GUI.  In Python mode, it's got help info available
on every output it has, and displays the data it's parsing in a way taht makes
it fairly easy to have the USB HID parser on your knee, while you slowly step
the parser thru the input data.

The input data, I originally wrote it to use the output of Kai Wang's USB HID
parser/descriptor dumper, but it's more verbose, and (like I said) is perfectly
set up to let you follow the parsing, item by item, from the orignal hex to the

The Non-GUI is somewhat less verbose, but this is the first time I;ve let it be
seen, and if you think you'd like to see it changed, I'm not against adding a
special mode for a small group of users, even just one user if it seems like a
likely-enough suggestion.

I called it parsetool.  I know that's a fairly dumb name )(there are one or two
projects already oout with that name), come up with a better one, and I'll
gladly use it (if it's not overly silly).

Write me if you want it, I'll mail it to you, the tarball is fairly small (even
with all those tables, it's only about 25K compressed) and installation couldn't
really get any easier, just make sure you have a working python of 2.3 or later,
with a working Tkinter.
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