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Halit Canbazoglu halit at
Fri May 9 19:16:59 UTC 2008

i'm trying to integrate Metrologic Fusion MS3780 USB barcode reader to
our system, and trying to make ugen IOCTL reads with USB_DO_REQUEST
since i want the timeouts to work. i can read the data with read() calls 
it blocks.

is there a device does these kind of IOCTL reads so i can setup
up the 'struct usb_ctl_request' correctly ??

// ioctl( fd, USB_DO_REQUEST, ( struct usb_ctl_request *) ...);

i have been getting errno: 22 which is "EINVAL: Invalid Argument"
with my structure setups.

here is the dmesg,
ugen0: Metrologic Metrologic Scanner, rev 1.10/1.00, addr 2

here is the USB info for the device,
usb device, idVendor: 0x0c2e, idProduct: 0x0720
 Only Device Descriptor
                bLength: 18, bDescriptorType: 1, bcdUSB: 0x0110,
                bDeviceClass: 0, bDeviceSubClass: 0, bDeviceProtocol: 0,
                bMaxPacketSize0: 8, idVendor: 0x0c2e, idProduct: 0x0720,
                bcdDevice: 0x0100, iManufacture: 1, iProduct: 2,
                iSerialNumber: 0, bNumConfigurations: 1
 Configuration(0) Descriptor
                bLength: 9, bDescriptorType: 2, wTotalLength: 41,
                bNumInterfaces: 1, bConfigurationValue: 1, 
iConfiguration: 3,
                bmAttributes: 0x80, MaxPower: 150, extra: (null), 
extralen: 0
Bus Powered device configuration
 Configuration(0)--Interaface(0) Descriptor
                bLength: 9, bDescriptorType: 4, bInterfaceNumber: 0,
                bAlternateSetting: 0, bNumEndpoints: 2, bInterfaceClass: 
                bInterfaceSubClass: 0, bInterfaceProtocol: 0, 
iInterface: 0,
                extra:  !^Q^A, extralen: 9
 Configuration(0)--Interaface(0)--End Point(0) Descriptor
                bLength: 7, bDescriptorType: 5, bEndpointAddress: 0x02,
                bmAttributes: 0x03, wMaxPacketSize: 8, bInterval: 10,
                bRefresh: 0, bSynchAddress: 0
Endpoint(2): INTERRUPT-OUT
 Configuration(0)--Interaface(0)--End Point(1) Descriptor
                bLength: 7, bDescriptorType: 5, bEndpointAddress: 0x81,
                bmAttributes: 0x03, wMaxPacketSize: 8, bInterval: 10,
                bRefresh: 0, bSynchAddress: 0
Endpoint(1): INTERRUPT-IN

thanks .. halit ..

Halit Canbazoglu | Senior Engineer
510-621-2196(work) | 510-621-2020(fax)
halit at | VICOR, a Metavante Company

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