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Fri May 2 17:34:15 UTC 2008

Hans Petter Selasky wrote:
> On Friday 02 May 2008, Steve Clark wrote:
>>Is there any detailed documentation on the FreeBSD usb device driver api?
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> Hi,
> For the usb.p4 there is a README. Else you have to look at the existing USB 
> drivers.
> --HPS
Well here is my problem. I am trying to get a sierra wireless 597 evdo 
usb modem to work with
freebsd 6.1. The usb device when it is first plugged in has a product 
id of 0xfff and looks like a
cdrom drive with software drivers on it for Windows. It has to have a 
control message sent to it
to put it in modem mode.

I sort of have it working by hacking ubsa.c to look for the sierra 
vendor id and product id of 0xfff in
the usb_match function and return match. Then in the usb_attach code I 
look again for the vendor and
product id of 0xfff and then send the control message to put it in 
modem mode.
	if ( uaa->vendor == USB_VENDOR_SIERRA && uaa->product == 0xfff )
		ubsa_request_real( sc, 0x0b, 1, 0x40 );
		ucom->sc_dying = 1;
                 goto error;

This puts in modem mode with product id of 0x0023 which i have plugged 
into usbdevs and also put in ubsa.c
so now I get a ucom device and can successfully run ppp. The problem I 
am running into now is sometime after
it remove the device I will get a page fault panic in the kernel. I 
think it is related to the sending the
control_message - something is not cleaned up when I "goto error" in 
the USB_ATTACH function.

I modified ubsa_reguest() to accept a request_type and called it 
ubsa_request_real() and then had
ubsa_request()  call ubsa_request_real as
	return (ubsa_request_real( sc, request, value, UT_WRITE_VENDOR_DEVICE ));

Now that I looked up what UT_WRITE_VENDOR_DEVICE is I guess this was 
an unnecessary step.

Any ideas how this should really be handled - That sending the control 
message to put the device in
modem mode?


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