(Please test) New blackberry (uberry) driver.

Kirk Davis kirk.davis at epsb.ca
Mon Jul 30 22:11:08 UTC 2007

	I have a new FreeBSD blackberry driver ready for testing.  This
patch is done against FreeBSD 6.2 (sorry I don't have a 7.0 machine
right now).  This driver started out as a port of the OpenBSD driver but
I have since updated it to handle the newer Blackberry devices (the ones
with a removable SD card).  

	The driver enables the 500mA charge rate and on the newer
devices it also enables dial mode so that the umass device is able to
mount the SD card.  I have tested it the following Blackberry models:
8100 (Pearl), 8830 (World Edition), and a 7250.

	There is still one small problem to over come. When a newer
Blackberry with an SD card is detected, the driver tells the Blackberry
to switch into dual mode and then the umass device picks up the SD card.
The SD card is not accessible though until the users allows it from the
blackberry. The umass device complains about this until I type in my
password on the Blackberry. Once I do then everything is fine and I can
mount the SD card. Is there a Quirk that can be added into the umass
driver to tell it not to query the SD card right away?

	This is my first driver so could one of the USB exports out
there look it over and see if the code looks OK.  

	Thanks for your help Warner and Hans!

---- Kirk 

Kirk Davis
Sr. Network Analyst, ITS
Edmonton Public Schools
Kirk.davis at epsb.ca

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