Missing newline in umodem.c

R.Mahmatkhanov cvs-src at yandex.ru
Sun Jul 29 18:10:39 UTC 2007

Good day!
This is cut from my dmesg:

ucom0: <CURITEL Incorporated CURITEL HX-550C USB Modem, class 2/0, rev
1.10/0.00, addr 2> on uhub1
ucom0: iclass 2/2ucom0: data interface 1, has CM over data, has break
ucom0: status change notification available

There are missing newline after "ucom0: iclass 2/2". This printf is in 
umodem_attach() from umodem.c:297:

         device_printf(self, "iclass %d/%d", id->bInterfaceClass,

I beleave we can fix this with patch attached.
Can anybody please consider it?

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