uhidev(4) update - USB HID driver level for devices with multiple report ids

Vladimir Grebenschikov vova at sw.ru
Mon Jul 23 08:15:19 UTC 2007

В пн, 23/07/2007 в 01:38 +0400, Vladimir Grebenschikov пишет:
> > I am having trouble reproducing a panic like this here or finding out
> > how it gets down a path like this. I am wondering if this only occurs
> > on EHCI devices. Hopefully later in the week I will be able to borrow
> > some equipment from work to test with here. But do you have  a
> > different
> > keyboard that you could try out booting on the UHCI controller? If
> > that
> > works OK it should show me where to look.
> I can try to connect same keyboard through USB1 hub, it should be enough
> to attach it to UHCI instead of EHCI ?  

I've tried - same panic.

Vladimir B. Grebenschikov
SWsoft Inc. vova at swsoft.com

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